Redevelop, Revitalizing, Rethinking

About us

3R Petroleum is an oil field operator focused on revitalizing mature fields. The company is comprised of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in oilfield operations in South American countries. The technical credentials of our executives and technicians include significant results of increased production and reserves in fields in Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and Argentina.

"Redevelop, Revitalizing and Rethinking" are the verbs that guide the company and gave rise to the name of 3R Petroleum. We specialize in rethinking oil and gas field development strategies through the implementation of investment technologies and projects in fields with decades of productive history. Increasing the scale of operations with optimization of production processes and focusing on the safety of people and the environment is the main objective of 3R Petroleum.

Vision & Mission

Establish a large independent private Brazilian oil company focused on oil and gas production with scale in Brazil and Latin America, operating with the best technical, safety and management standards, and with high return on investment. Our goal is to be among the largest producers of oil and natural gas in the basins of Brazil and other Latin American countries. For this, our business model foresees the acquisition of strategic assets with production earning opportunities in the short time after the implementation of revitalization projects in partnership with large global companies of the oil and gas industry.

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